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Good Hair.

I have a small head but boy, is it full of hair. I have 4C hair. I have never achieved length (in the colonial sense of it). Relaxing (or perming) means it becomes wispy and it breaks. Not relaxing means hands-on regular management and my edges, well, hair do not fill my edges.

In 2017, I decided to loc my hair. I hate managing hair. I hate washing, drying, twisting, sitting for hours to braid or style or condition. I don't want to worry about oil and moisture and silk pillowcases. Just miss me with all of that. I don't like wigs (too hot for hair to be touching my neck) but I will make an exception for an afro wig. But when I started to achieve thickness with my locs, wearing an afro wig just makes my head look even bigger. I cut my hair in 2019 as a grieving rite, but I attached them back 7 months later, because, wahala. I might still rock a bald head in the future, but I have to reach my body weight goal first.

I needed a passport photograph today. And I couldn't believe that I thought my hair looked rough.

I did think it. I thought of weaving the strands down and fitting a straight-ass wig to my head. I thought of brushing the strands, and maybe, just maybe the kinky tufts will behave themselves. I mean, I'm wearing a jacket. I need to look professional.

I blame Lord Lugard. I thought I was past all these. But it looks like decades of conditioning aren't going to disappear in a lifetime.

So here is my updated passport photograph. With my rough locs. In all of its kinky glory.

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