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What Daddy Showkey Said

I am trying not to feel. To be honest, I am not trying so hard. Surviving has numbed me out and even my body is out of order. I am just waiting for my life to restart and trying to get ready for all the strain that comes with building from the ground up again.

I was sure of this. I still am, but I am tired. New bridges to cross, nuances to notice, tongues to speak. I have disassembled my life yet again, packed my ambition into four boxes, with high hopes of doing something different with the pieces.

This has been my go-to playlist in the past week.

And then Daddy Showkey came on:

"Shine ya eye

Shine ya eye well-well

Stand-i well

Stand-i well-well

Look your back

Look am well-well

Check yourself

Check yourself well-well"


"Iná jó, ògiri ó

Fire dey burn, wall no run

Stand for where you dey

Stand-i well-well

Open your eyes

Shine am well-well

Check your back

and check it nicely"

I kind of needed to hear this.

There was a scene in the last film I watched that struck me. A medicine man was chanting incantations —

"today you become a rock, anyone that comes against you tumbles

today you become a rock, when water rages, it parts

today you become a rock, when fire burns, it goes around..."

When I was much younger I was a cadet crusader (age group brouhaha) in church. I can't remember whether it was a creed or anthem, or pledge; but I remember this scripture as part of it — and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore...

I get it, okay? Be a rock. Be a wall. No running. No slouching. Be alert. No grumbling. Stand. Stand firm. I get it. I am still tired, but I get it.


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