I am a portrait and documentary photographer currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

I made a career transition from Law and Administration to a full time creative journey of writing fiction and criticism, making photographs and curating in general.

I am fascinated with the idea of freezing time and literally creating history. My portraits capture soul and emotion. I employ my images as social commentaries on everyday issues and I enjoy pursuing women-centered stories.

I am enthusiastic about writing brand stories and creating audio-visual narratives and campaigns to help any corporation - big or small find the emotional pulse of their target audience or customer base to foster engagement and sales.

If I didn't have to work for money another day of my life, I'd travel everywhere and record everything - write, make photographs and documentary features. Being a witness/an observer, having an insight into the lives and living of others is a privilege. I'd curate experiences till I have walked every corner of the earth.

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